Year End Incentive

Year End Incentive

For the next 4 Wesley Glen cottages occupied, receive a complimentary golf cart on your move in day

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Year End Incentive


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Are pets allowed in the homes and apartments?

Aldersgate's living options are all pet friendly.

Do residents park their personal vehicles at Aldersgate.

Personal vehicles are welcomed at Aldersgate. We have many convenient parking options throughout our campus. 

Are there events for families?

Yes! Aldersgate hosts many events each month. Families and the community are welcomed to attend many of these. 

Will I need to change doctors?

No, Aldersgate makes it easy to continue seeing your current healthcare provider. 

How does the process work?

  • Residents join the community as active, independent adults by selecting a residence of their choice.
  • Upon selection, a 10% deposit (of selected entrance fee) is made to hold their cottage, apartment or villa until move-in.
  • Residents pay a one-time entrance fee and an ongoing monthly service fee just prior to moving in. These fees vary based on style and size of the residence chosen and whether it is occupied as a single person or a couple.
  • Residents move to Aldersgate and enjoy the freedom and peace of mind provided by not having to worry about home maintenance and/or burdening loved ones with potential future long-term care needs. 

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